Recent published funding opportunities:

Funding Number Funding Title
P19AS00618 Ethnographic Overview and Traditional Associations Study of Channel Islands National Park and Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area
P19AS00419 Cultural Landscapes Research and Geographic Information System Mapping
P19AS00337 Mitigating the Effects of Fire Suppressants on Cultural Resources
P19AS00264 NOTICE OF INTENT: Youth Experience in Management of Invasive Species and Hazardous Fuels
P19AS00133 Historic Preservation Fund Grants-In-Aid to Tribal Historic Preservation Offices
P18AS00412 Urban Archeology Corps
NPSNOICACH1800798 Stabilize Lower White House at Canyon de Chelly N.M.
P18AS00265 Stabilize San Isidro Convento and Four Pueblo Ruins at Gran Quivira
P18AS00252 A Cultural Landscape Inventory of the Baca Ranch Cabin District
P18AS00239 Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area
P18AS00182 Natural Resource Stewardship Communication
NPS 18 NERO 0028 Multi-Scale Program in Virginia to Assess Change in the Acid-Base of Mountain Streams
P18AS00027 Land and Water Conservation Fund State and Local Assistance Program
P17AS00751 Internships to Connect Parks, People, and Science
P17AS00701 Facilities-Maintenance and Interpretation Interns at Jimmy Carter & Andersonville NHS
P17AS00401 Mitigate Endangered Bird Habitat prior to Tamarisk defoliation by the Northern Tamarisk Beetle
P17AS00132 Assessing the factors affecting the condition of vegetation in eastern NPS Parks


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